Yuzvendra Chahal reveals the reason behind the birth of ‘ Chahal TV ‘

Indian and RCB leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has revealed the reason behind the birth of his famous interview show ‘ Chahal TV ‘ where he uses to interview his teammates after every game. Not just he interviews cricketers, he also shows some candid behind the scene footage on his show.

Camera shy

The Haryana born 29 years old leg spinner talked about how and from where did this Chahal TV started in a recent interview with ESPNCricinfo. Chahal also said he was very camera shy before 2014 and it was only when he started playing for RCB regularly, he could overcome his shyness.

“Till about 2014 I was quite camera shy. When I came to RCB and won the man-of-the-match award, my personality changed completely after 2015. You get a lot of invites from people during IPL and you have to chat with a lot of people, talk on the stage “, Chahal said.

Chahal TV

Talking about the origin of Chahal TV, he recalls a match where Manish Pandey won India a game against West Indies on the very last ball. Team India’s media manager just casually asked him to conduct a fun and light hearted interview which gave birth to Chahal TV.

This concept started during the last T20 in Chennai against West Indies, Manish Pandey won the game for us off the last ball. Our media manager asked me if I could do this interview and in jest it came out that ‘Chahal TV pe aapka swagat hai. We got very positive response on Chahal TV, so we made it a regular feature after every match – some serious questions balanced out with funny/joking questions. In a good way you find out about the atmosphere of the team,” Chahal said. 

…….. Not so serious

Yuzi also threw some light on his own character and how he deals with certain situations. He said he is not a very serious person and doesn’t think too much about bad performances. His not so serious character can often be seen in the way he conducts himself in his life.

“I realized that I have a bond with people. I am only serious when I am bowling on the ground, when the match doesn’t go well, I think about it for half an hour. I am not the kind of person who will think about it for 3-4 hours otherwise I’ll put too much pressure on myself,” he said.

The cunning leg spinner has played 52 ODIs and 42 T20Is for India while he has represented Royal Challengers Bangalore in 84 matches picking up a total of 246 wickets combined.

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