Why did Rohit Sharma remove ” Indian Cricketer ” from his Twitter bio?

Indian regular vice captain Rohit Sharma has not been picked for the Indian team which is supposed to tour Australia for Test, ODI and T20I series and KL Rahul has been made the vice captain on that tour. The primary reason for that is his injury. However, there is still not much clarity over the seriousness of his injury and according to BCCI press release, his fitness is being closely monitored but later on the same day, Mumbai Indians official twitter account posted a video of Rohit batting again in the nets which just added to the confusion.

If Rohit is fit enough to bat in the nets, it only meant he was on his way to recovery and then Netizens got confused over his non selection in the team. They believed Rohit was already batting well enough, no doubt he would recover in time for the Australia series. Although some claimed that it was an old video and bashed MI social media accounts for creating confusion.
What also added to the confusion was Rohit, allegedly removing ” Indian Cricketer ” from his Twitter bio.

There is no apparent reason over why did he change his bio. That can only be answered by the cricketer himself but it got people discussing this topic. Some said he did this in the frustration of not getting picked for the Australia series despite not being that badly injured, some said he never had ” Indian cricketer ” in his Twitter bio and called the whole discussion meaningless while some even went on to think that Rohit was planning his retirement after the IPL.

Why did Rohit Sharma remove " Indian Cricketer " from his Twitter bio?

People had different takes on this, as you would expect but if anyone can tell the truth behind this decision, it could only be Rohit. Sharma has missed last 3 matches for MI due to the hamstring injury. He has not played since 18th October and if his injury is serious, which it looks like from him not being picked for the Indian team, he may miss out on the remaining IPL matches too. Surely he can’t be dropped from the Indian team on the basis of form, can he be? He has been outstanding playing for Indian team for quite some time.

In his absence though, Kieron Pollard is leading Mumbai Indians and the team has become the first team to qualify for the playoffs in IPL 2020. MI is playing to defend their title and they look well on course of doing that judging by their form this season.

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