When Dale Steyn silenced Rohit Sharma with his sledging

India’s next assignment is to play a full fledged series in Australia and when you talk about Australia, you talk about fierce rivalry and never say die attitude. Along with these two aspects, we also talked about sledging. Since the beginning of IPL, It isn’t as fierce as how it used to be before but still there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming series when it comes to the sledging aspect of the game.

Preparing for a fierce sledging battle, we take a look at one epic verbal battle between Dale Steyn and Rohit Sharma which had taken place in 2013. Sharma, in the end had no answer to Steyn’s sledging that day.

The incident took place on the 5th day of Durban Test. First Test had ended as a sensational draw even though India had dominated the rest for a major period. The second Test was in the grip of South Africa who had a lead of 134 runs in the first inning. Rohit Sharma walked in at 6 when India’s score read 71-4 against a charged up Dale Steyn and company.

The battle started in the 43rd over of Indian batting when Rohit was batting at 1 only. Steyn said something to Sharma which riled him up. The verbal communication between these two continued even in the next over. Here is what the conversation sounded like :

When Dale Steyn silenced Rohit Sharma with his sledging

Steyn : ” You can’t score the runs, you just can’t score the runs. You’ve got only one chance, Rohit. “

Rohit : ” That was over the top man. We’ll see how you do when you come to India. “

Steyn : ” You’re in Durban Rohit. “

Steyn after bowling the next ball : ” You’ve played a handful of Tests and have done nothing in your career. “

Rohit : ” That’s fine, doesn’t matter. “

The conversation was as much ferocious and epic as funny it was. Steyn had so much confidence to take on Rohit after dismissing him on a duck in the first inning. However, Rohit’s last comeback didn’t sound too confident and it turned out to be one of those incidents which showed Rohit that sledging really wasn’t his forte and he should rather let his bat do all the talking.

Here is a video showing the whole incident :

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