UAE shows interest in hosting the IPL with crowd

The IPL Governing council had last week decided to move this year’s IPL to UAE since the number of COVID-19 positive cases are going up in India every single day. They have also released the dates for the IPL to begin and now we are just awaiting for government’s approval.

A lot of things will be decided in IPL Governing council’s next meeting which is on 2nd August. However, the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) seems quite keen in hosting the tournament with spectators, thus breaking the worldwide deadlock at the moment.

The matches will be played in 3 stadiums named as Dubai International Stadium, Sharzah Cricket Stadium and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium which is in Abu Dhabi. Given the population of Indian fans and cricket lovers in the country, the ECB is looking to host the tournament with crowd even if it’s partial crowd. Although the final decision on it will involve the agreement of BCCI, ECB and UAE Government only.

We’re quite open to having the crowds for the games. That would be fair too, given that there are a lot of Indians and cricket fans in the UAE. We will work things out with our government but before that the BCCI will have to have the approval of the Government of India. Once that is done, we will start working towards the league. We will make a grand spectacle of the IPL, ” an official said.

On a different note, Chennai Super Kings have decided to travel to UAE one or two weeks earlier. While the other teams are expected to depart from India by around 15-20 August, CSK would be arriving there by 8 August as per some reports.

BCCI is also expected to inform Emirates Cricket Board about squad strength of each team as soon as possible for all the bio-security arrangements.

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