Shoaib Akhtar trolls Sehwag, says he has more money than Sehwag has hair on his head

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag and Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar have always been a part of numerous banter right from their playing days to the time they were commentating together on Star Sports. Everyone has seen both pulling each other’s legs on various instances but never have ever their banters turned into an altercation. However, this time around Akhtar didn’t like what Sehwag said about him and came up with a nasty reply. What’s the full story? Let’s check in detail.

As everyone knows Shoaib Akhtar and several other Pakistani cricketers own their YouTube channels where they talk about Cricket. Few days ago, Virender Sehwag had talked about what he had observed with the videos of Pakistani cricketers, especially of his good friend Shoaib Akhtar.

According to Sehwag, ” Shoaib Akhtar has become a good friend of ours (Indians) because he wants to do business with India which is why he keeps praising Indian team all the time. If you take a look at his videos, he often says things which every Indian would feel proud to hear which wasn’t the case in his playing days. Shoaib talks more about Indian cricket than Pakistan cricket on his YouTube channel. ”

Even though Sehwag had said this in a humorous way, it didn’t go down well with the speedster who was quick to reply to Sehwag’s allegations. He posted another video on his YouTube channel where he came up with clarifications and a jibe at Sehwag.

Shoaib Akhtar trolls Sehwag, says he has more money than Sehwag has hair on his head

Starting the video, Akhtar said he was happy that his talks were given a lot of weightage by everyone, so much so that they sometimes even become Breaking news. Then he went on to explain his stance by a series of counter questions on why he admires Indian cricket so much.

” First of all tell me which YouTuber in Pakistan doesn’t talk good about Indian Cricket? Obviously they are playing well. Isn’t it true that India is the best team in the world right now? Isn’t it true that Virat Kohli is the number one batsman in the world at the moment? They have recently defeated Australia, have they played bad cricket in that series? What’s the problem if I’m analyzing Cricket? “

Akhtar then proudly said that his identification is based on the fact that he has played 15 years of cricket for Pakistan and not because he runs a YouTube channel.

” I am Shoaib Akhtar because I’m the fastest bowler in the world not because you have written few articles about me. I have fans across the world not just in India. If you go to Bangladesh, you will see people love me there. I can’t walk for even 10 seconds without meeting a fan in Australia. You need to digest that I have 2 million subscribers on YouTube because people love me. It is all Allah’s blessing. “

Akhtar said these allegations of praising Indian team at all costs just to earn money is absolutely baseless. In his defence, he said that his views are entirely based on how Indian team plays on that given day. He gave the example of First ODI against Australia which India lost by 10 wickets which is why he had heavily criticized Indian team.

” Why I don’t appreciate Babar Azam as much as I admire Virat Kohli? It is becasue I want him to reach that level first even though he has all the talent in the world. He is already a big brand in Pakistan. “

The Rawalpindi Express finally came to the Sehwag part. He first described Sehwag as a very funny guy and then urged him to take his joke in a supportive way.

” My reply to Sehwag’s question is that I have more money than he has hairs on his head ( Jitne uske sar pe baal nahi hai, usse jyada mere pas maal hoga). Allah blesses those who have hair. Viru (Sehwag’s nickname), please take it as a joke only. “

He rounded up his video message by requesting not to divide people when it comes to cricket because it is beyond borders.

” I am a big fan of Steven Smith. I am also a big fan of Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam. I am just giving my analysis on cricket and it can be about cricket of any country. Earning money and fame is all God’s blessings. “

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