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In last few years Dream 11 became one of the most popular app between the cricket fans. In this app you can choose your favourite eleven players from both teams and then you can join various leagues with various entry fees. Dream 11 also contains football and kabaddi, though the passion for cricket is high. It’s important to choose a perfect eleven to win a cash contest. Here in this article we will discuss how to select a perfect eleven to win cash contests.


1. Perfect wicket keeper:-


First of all you need to pick a perfect wicket keeper. If both teams have the same quality of keepers then go with the keeper who has low credit because you need to pick 11 players in 100 credits. Otherwise,pick the keeper who opens the innings instead of the one who bats in the middle overs because hardly the number 6th or 7th batsman will get a chance to bat in t20s and odis. So , make sure your keeper will get a chance to bat and good in keeping so that he gives you good value for investment.

2. Batsman vs bowler best combination :-


You can select minimum 3 batsman / bowlers and maximum 5 batsman / bowlers in your eleven members team. A bowler gets 10 points per wicket and a batsman gets 0.5 point per run. If a bowler get 2 wickets, he will earn 20 points , and the batsman needs to score 35-40 runs to earn same points. In a t20 games it’s impossible that 6 batsman (including keeper) scoring 40+ runs, while bowlers have a very good chance of picking up the wickets at the death overs. So make sure you will have maximum 3 batsman ( unless a batting pitch) in your team. Then you will have 7 players who can contribute with the bat ( 1 keeper, 3 batsman , 3 all rounders)and make sure the 3 batsman and 4 bowlers you are selecting they will play.

3. Perfect all rounders :- 

An all rounder gives you points with the ball and with the bat as well. If an all rounder gets 1 wicket and scores 10-15 runs, that will be considered his ordinary day and he will still able to get you 20 points. If he has a brilliant day with any department he can give you 60-70 points easily. So make sure will have 3 quality all rounders.

4. Selection of captain and vice captain :-


The captain and the vice captain will win you matches. Because the captain gives you twice the points a normal player will give and the vice captain gives you 1.5 times points of others. So choose a star batsman or an all rounder your captain or vice captain. If a star batsman scores a fifty then he can easily give you 70-80 points, the same case also with an all rounder , if he performs well in one department he can win you matches. Don’t select a bowler your captain or vice captain because it’s very unpredictable if he will get a wicket or not. Don’t select captain and vice captain of your team by judging the last game’s performance.  Most of the time the guy who performed in the last match fails to deliver in next match unless they are players like Kohli, Smith, Root and Williamson.They do perform consistently. In grand leagues where over 10,000 people are participating make sure you will have a odd captain who will hardly be picked by 10% people. This will increase your chances if that player do well.

5. Which leagues to join:-

After creating a good team you have to join a proper league where you can win money. Often you join big leagues where over 10,000 participating your winning chance will be 0.01% because the guy who will finish at top and the guy will finish at 1000 rank , their difference of points can also be 5. You also have to share your winnings because there is lots of ties. So if you want to win some money you can play 2 members contest where your winning chances increases to 50%. You have to beat 1 player in that league where you have to beat 10,000 players in grand leagues.

Note- keep your emotions at home if you want to win money. Don’t select your favourite players, select players by the logic who can win you contests. There is no room for emotions, you can also follow the social media for breaking news to know who is playing or not and how the pitch is.

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