Playerzpot Prime Teams – Rs. 100 per month only

Playerzpot is another popular Fantasy Sports website where you can earn lot of money. The best thing about Playerzpot is that the competition is still low here. Unlike Dream11, where the competition is very high, you can expect to win more often in Playerzpot with our Prime teams.

We will provide our prime team for Playerzpot which is made by our expert taking in to consideration several factors like player’s form, pitch condition, weather and team strength. Our Playerzpot expert creates the team keeping in mind the points system which is different from Dream11. So if you think you can use the same team that you play with in Dream11 then it’s a mistake. You will need to create a different team in Playerzpot and our expert with help you in making a good winning team for Playerzpot.

Our charges for Playerzpot Prime Team is only Rs. 100 per month.

To make the payment, simply click the PayUmoney button above or you can also make the payment of Rs. 100 via Paytm to 9818682439 and then send payment screenshot to 7042040868. In Optional Description please mention Playerzpot and your Mobile Number. Once paid you’ll be added to our Whatsapp group where our expert will share his teams.

P.S. Luck plays an important role in Dream11 so you may not win everyday. We will not liable for any losses and will not give any refund.