Liverpool will be awarded the Premier League title if there are further no games this season

Liverpool “will be awarded” the Premier League title even if the 2019/20 season is not finished, claims transfer expert Duncan Castles.

Liverpool are 25 points clear at the top of the table when the season was suspended due to a corona virus outbreak earlier this month. The authorities suspended all football in England until 30 April at the earliest.

Recent reports claim the Premier League is targeting a return to action in June, with the season ending on July 12, and all matches being played in closed stadium. However, there is no guarantee that this scenario will work.

“I think the title will be given to Liverpool,” Castles said in the Transfer Window podcast. “My hope is that they will be given the title.

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“There will be an argument that you have to solve just for Liverpool to say that it was a complete season at the expense of so many other things we have discussed.

“So I think the challenge for Liverpool Football Club is to handle everything, if this is the way the Premier League wants and they decide ‘we must cancel the season and try to start again when we can’.

“Liverpool must agree with that rather than fight it and reject it for reasons that don’t look good in their history books.

“They are worthy winners of the Premier League, it will be very unfortunate for them that all this has happened in this way and I think this is the bad luck they have to accept and let football solve the problem in general.”

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