” Is it allowed to wear heals on pitch? ” , Pakistani reporter gets a fitting reply for asking this question to a female commentator

During a match in the ongoing National T20 Cup being played in Pakistan, a female Pakistani commentator was questioned for allegedly wearing heals and walking on the pitch to which she came up with a very fitting reply. The incident took place yesterday during the match between Northern and Sindh where the commentator was covering the pre match show.

Sports reporter Qadir Khawaja tweeted his objection in Urdu with some pictures of Marina Iqbal, who is the commentator in the story we are talking about. “Is it legal to roam around on the pitch wearing heels? Need opinions,” Qadir Khwaja wrote on Twitter in Urdu.

His objection was regarding the damage a sharp edged heal can do the pitch but little did he know that Marina was following all the protocols about what he objected. Marina came with her reply cum explanation and it couldn’t have been more opt. She tweeted a picture from different angle which showed she was wearing a flat footed shoe while she was on the pitch and that shouldn’t be a concern at all.

Marina is Pakistan’s first female commentator and females in sports field have to go through lot more scrutiny than normally the men go through and this was one among the many examples of it. Marina Iqbal is a former Pakistani cricketer turned commentator post retirement. She has played 36 ODIs and 42 T20Is for Pakistan in her 9 years long career and now she is the first female commentator coming from Pakistan.

The Pakistani domestic T20 tournament began on Sep 30 and this 33 match long tournament is scheduled to be finished on 18th this month. Players like Asif Ali, Sohail Khan, Shadab Khan and Haider Ali have been a major source of attraction among fans while major players like Babar Azam is currently playing Blast in England.

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