IPL to allow 5 overseas players in a team from next year !

As the IPL 2020 season is over, the authority has now started planning for the next season of this championship which is likely to take place in April – May in India if BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly’s words are to be believed. Earlier there were reports printed in The Times of India that the IPL Governing council is going ahead with the mega auction which happens every third year and 2018 was the last time it was completed.

IPL to allow 5 overseas players in a team from next year !

If the auction goes as per scheduled, there will be massive changes in every team’s structure as teams will have to release a lot of their players. A total of only 3 players will be allowed to retain while 2 can be brought back using Right to Match (RTM) cards. The limit for retaining or using RTM cards on an overseas player is only 2,i.e, only 2 overseas players can be retained & RTMed.

In the fresher developments, it is understood that the IPL Governing council is planning to add one or two more teams into the IPL to make sure a lot of players who remain on bench after getting bought or those who remain unsold in the auction can get an opportunity to play in the IPL too. Not only this, even the limit of playing 4 overseas players can be increased to 5 to give overseas players more opportunity to play and making sure teams can find more balance giving them more chances to compete in a league which is largely dominated by one or two teams at the moment.

” There are quality overseas players who are warming the bench every season because of the restriction. An added overseas player will balance out that need,”  – An official inside IPL Governing council suggested as per TOI report

For that to happen, the maximum limit of having overseas players will be changed from 8 to 10 but it will be interesting to see if BCCI goes ahead with this suggestion as IPL is largely an India centric tournament with the aim of giving Indian players more opportunity. But at the same time, it has to make sure the teams have enough balance to make this league competitive.

If things go as per planned, the mega auction is going to be held in the last week of January while Ahmadabad could be one of the cities that could be included in the league citing the fact the city has now got a world class stadium with the seating capacity of 110,000 people.

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