Imran Khan used to take drugs, reveals his Pakistan teammate

The drug consumption issue among celebrities is not a new information and off late after the unfortunate suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, a bollywood actor, many in India have been summoned by NCB for consuming drugs. In a shocking revelation coming from the neighboring country, a former Pakistani cricketer has revealed that the ex Pakistan cricket team captain and the current Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan used to take drugs in his earlier days when they used to be teammates.

Former Pakistani Fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz in a video chat said that he was the evidence of Imran Khan taking several types of drugs in those days. Khan used to consume Cannabis (Charas) and even Cocaine.

Sarfraz Nawaz during his playing days (File Photo)

” He (Imran Khan) has been consuming Cannabis (Charas) even in London during the England tour in 1987, and at my home too. When he couldn’t bowl that well against England, then he along with Mudassar Nazar, Abdul Qadir, Mohsin Khan, Salim Malik came to Islamabad in my house and Imran took charas after dinner. He then stopped taking cannabis and started sniffing Cocaine using rupees notes as a roll to sniff the drug. ” – Sarfraz Nawaz told in an interview to a news reporter named Rashid Nasrullah

Sarfraz even claimed that he was not the only one who saw Imran getting high on drugs. In fact, there are few other witnesses too and said Imran can sue him to the court if he finds him lying about it.

” He has taken drugs right in front of my eyes. Ask him to contradict me. And I am not a lone witness, there are others too. You can ask Imran too. If he finds me lying, he can file a case on me and sue me in court as well ” – Sarfraz added.

Sarfraz Nawaz was a medium pacer who represented Pakistan in 55 Tests and 45 ODIs between 1969 to 1984. Imran Khan played a lot more matches for Pakistan but they both played together for 13 years and spent a lot of time together.

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