How to play Baseball fantasy – 4 Easy steps to understand Baseball for beginners

Since all the fantasy websites have introduced Baseball on their apps and websites, you fantasy players must be wondering how to play and how to understand this new game. It’s very natural as Baseball as a sport has never been looked with great enthusiasm in India as of now.

In this article, we will explain you how to understand Baseball step by step in detail so that you can play Baseball fantasy and win in the contests you have joined.

1. How to create a Team in Baseball?

The first step to play any fantasy sport is by creating a Team. While creating your Baseball Team, you are only allowed to pick as many as 9 players with maximum 6 players from one team.

You must follow the following combination while making your Team.
Pitcher : 1
Catcher : 1
Outfielders : 2-5
Infielders : 2-5

Once done with selecting your team, pick your Captain and Vice Captain and you are all set to play by joining your desired contests.

2. Let’s Understand Baseball

How to play Baseball fantasy - 4 Easy steps to understand Baseball for beginners

Here comes the important part of this article. Here we will explain you all the terms and rules of this game.

Baseball is all about scoring as many runs as you can without getting out which is exactly the concept of Cricket as well, only the way of scoring runs and getting out is different here.


A Baseball team consists of 9 Players. While defense, all 9 players have to be a part of the play while during the offense, a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 players will be in the ground. If we find the cricket equivalents of these terms, defense is like fielding and bowling while offense is like Batting.


A Baseball ground is of diamond shape divided in two parts – Infield and Outfield.

How to score runs?

The Infield of the ground consists of 4 bases named as First base, second base, third base and Home plate. A Home Plate (crease in cricket) is where the batter stands while facing the ball.  Batters have to cover each bases and a run is counted only if any of the Batter runs first, second and third base and then return back to his home plate.

But scoring runs is not that easy as Defensive team has several ways to get a batter or a baserunner out. A baserunner is someone who has reached to either of the first, second or third base.

What are the ways of getting out?

How to play Baseball fantasy - 4 Easy steps to understand Baseball for beginners

A. Strike Out : If the batter misses or leaves 3 balls which are legal according to rules, he will be declared Strike Out.

B. Caught : As like Cricket, if the batter hits the ball up which is caught by any of the 9 players present on the field, he will be out.

C. Force Out : If the batter or the baserunner tries to run from his current base to the next base and the player present at the base receives the ball before, the nearest batter/baserunner will be called Forced Out. This is similar to Run Out in cricket.

D. Tagged Out : If a player from the defensive side touches the batter or baserunner with ball in his hand or gloves, he will Tag out that particular Batter/Baserunner.

How to decide a winner?

The team bats in alternate order with visiting team batting first. When the 3 batters of the team are out, their inning gets over. This cycle continues till the end of 9 innings and the Team with the most runs at the end of 9 innings is declared the winner.
However, if there is a tie after 9 innings, the game continues until we get a result.

3. Understanding the Terms

How to play Baseball fantasy - 4 Easy steps to understand Baseball for beginners


What is a Pitcher?

A Pitcher is someone who has to pitch, or in general terms, throw the ball towards a batter. You can say he/she is equivalent to a Bowler in Cricket. Normally one Team carries a regular pitcher and a relief pitcher to substitute the regular pitcher when he is tired.

What is a Catcher?

A Catcher is placed exactly behind the batter whose job is to catch the ball thrown by the Pitcher but either missed or left by the Batter. You could say he is like the Wicket Keeper in cricket.

What is an Infielder?

An Infielder is someone who stays in the infield, i.e, near the bases. A total of 4 players are allowed to be in the infield and they are called as First Baseman, Second Baseman, Third Baseman and the Shortstop. The job of these basemen is to protect their bases while the Shortstop has to help them.

What is an Outfielder?

An Outfielder is someone who stays in the outfield. A total of 3 players are allowed to stay in the Outfield and they are named as Right fielder, Left fielder and Center fielder. Their job is to retrieve the ball hit to their part back to the Infield as quickly as possible. For cricket fans, they are like fielders positioned at Boundary.

What is a Home run (HR)?

How to play Baseball fantasy - 4 Easy steps to understand Baseball for beginners

Home Run

A Home run is called when the Batter hit the ball out of the ground ( like a 6 in Cricket) or manages to run back to his home base after covering the first, second and third bases. In both the cases, team is awarded with a run. There are different type of Home runs too which we don’t need to discuss here.

What is a Base On Ball or Walk?

Just like the batter gets out if he misses or leaves 3 LEGAL balls, the Pitcher and his team too gets punished if the Pitcher throws 4 ILLEGAL balls to a batsman. The judgement of Legal and Illegal is made by following some rules and by the instincts of Ground officials. This is same as a Wide ball or No ball in cricket.
As a result, the batter and the other baserunners are allowed to run to their next bases.

What is a Stolen Base?

Sometimes, to trick the pitchers, any of the baserunner tries to run to his next base which must be vacant. If the Pitcher doesn’t spot what is going behind him and continues with pitching the ball, the baserunner might be ble to successfully steal a base. He would be in danger of Force out if the pitcher sees and throws the ball to the respective baseman whose job is to protect his base. It’s a gamble!

4. Some Often used terms

Single : If the batter reaches the first base (B1)

Double : If the batter reaches the second base (B2)

Triple : If the batter reaches the third base (B3)

Runs Batted In ( RBI ) : If the batter on strike causes one or more runs to be scored, he gets RBI Points

Innings Pitched (IP) : When the pitcher gets all 3 batters out in an inning.

Strike Out (SO) : When the Pitcher gets a batter Strike Out

Hit allowed : When the Pitcher pitches an easy ball allowing the batter to reach First Base

Earned Runs (ER) : When the Pitcher concedes a run, it is called Earned Runs (ER)

This is all we have got here. Use your brains while making your team in Baseball. Have knowledge about players and prefer those who can hit Home Runs because that’s where the key to success lies! 

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