Five reasons why Cricket must be included in Olympics

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Sachin with Mr Thomas Bach, IOC president at at Rio Olympics

We Indians are crazy about cricket and it hurts not to see our beloved Cricketers don the national jersey and compete in the biggest sporting event of earth, the Olympics. When it comes to Cricket, we consider ourselves second to none. How much we would love to see Virat Kohli kiss the gold medal. I am sure this is a dream of many Indians and I fail to understand why Cricket is not a part of Olympics. I bet we Indians can give hundred of reasons why Cricket should be a part of Olympics and so I thought this might be a good topic of discussion. Here’s my top five reason why Cricket should be part of Olympics :-

  1. Billions of people follow Cricket – India alone has over a billion fans and Cricket is popular in entire India sub-continent, not to forget the UK, the birthplace of Cricket. Cricket is also popular in Australia, South Africa and many other parts of the world. By sheer number of audience, Cricket can beat any other sporting event less Football hands down. How can you ignore such a big fan following?
  2. Cricket in OlympicsThere is big mullah involved in Cricket – BCCI is one of the richest sporting organisations in the world. Furthermore Cricket is widely supported by some of the richest countries in the world including the Gulf countries, the UK, Australia and more. The Olympics body is missing on a huge commercial opportunity by not including Cricket.
  3. Cricket is a mass entertainer – Take no offence but how many people follow sports like water polo, fencing or rowing and similar other sports. T20 Cricket is a block buster when it comes to entertainment at par with Football, Baseball or Basketball. Including Cricket would only increase the TRP of the mega event multiple times.
  4. Cricket is a sport of strong men -The Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words : Citius – Altius – Fortius. These words mean Faster – Higher – Stronger. Cricket too is a game of fast, strong men and women who compete fiercely in the field. How can you leave such a competitive sport from the rooster?
  5. Cricket doesn’t need any special infrastructure – Cricket can be played in a baseball stadium or a XL sized football stadium too 😉 and doesn’t require any other extra infrastructure. When you can include Golf in the Olympics, why not Cricket.

By the way did you know Cricket was a part of Olympics once in the history of Olympics. A cricket tournament, played as part of

Sachin with Mr Thomas Bach, IOC president at at Rio Olympics

the 1900 Summer Olympics, took place on 19–20 August at the Vélodrome de Vincennes. The only match of the tournament was played between teams representing Great Britain and France, and was won by 158 runs by Great Britain. Lets hope it’s included again in Olympics till then lets support Indian athletes in 2016 Olympics.

India go Jeet Rio!

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