Five best Autobiographies written by cricketers which you must read

Books are so integral to people’s lives that they are considered to be human’s most loyal friends. They are a deep ocean of knowledge and when they are written by cricketers themselves, you get a lot of information about your favourite or admired cricketer’s personal life along with the cricketing side which the book contains. These books are loved by all because they don’t just let people know their lved cricketers but also give them a whole new perspective.

In this article, we take a look at 5 cricketing autobiographies you should not miss reading, if you are a reader.

Playing it my way : Sachin Tendulkar

Five best Autobiographies written by cricketers which you must read


Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography named Playing it my way focuses on the life of Sachin Tendulkar as you’d expect. Who would not like to get personal insights from the most popular Indian cricketer ever? Sachin Tendulkar is not merely a person or player, he is an icon, an emotion, even an institution among Indian cricket fans. The book made sure fans get to know as much as they can about the person they love.

Sachin also used his autobiography as a defense tool to all those ball tampering accusations during the South Africa tour, the early exit from 2007 World Cup and then how team was affected by the monkeygate incident in Sydney. This book was not controversial but if you wanted to get a different perspective over some of the most talked about issues in cricket, you must read the book.

Sunny Days : Sunil Gavaskar

In his autobiography named Sunny Days, famous Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar shares an interesting story about getting swapped at childbirth to a fisherman’s baby and how this swapped baby later went to become the first batsman to score 10000 runs in Test cricket. The book is full of little stories and anecdotes, which make interesting reading. One of those stories revolve around poor umpiring while the other about Bhagwat Chandrashekhar appealing even after the batsman got bowled just to have some fun with the umpire. Sunny Days is witty, humorous and a must read just like Gavaskar’s batting which you would’ve hated missing if you’re from his generation.

KP : The Autobiography – Kevin Pietersen

Five best Autobiographies written by cricketers which you must read

England’s one of the most controversial cricketers had lots of fiery takes in his autobiography which was published in 2014. This books is not meagerly an autobiography but a score settling tool. Kevin Pietersen talks about the bully culture in England dressing room, the way he himself was treated by English cricket board after that infamous Pietersen-Strauss saga and many more spicy topics from England cricket.

Much like Kevin Pietersen’s own boom-or-bust career as a cricketer, the book runs into trouble very early as it didn’t only talk about Strauss but also Matt Prior, then English wicket keeper. This book is a must read if you want to check some spicy stories from English cricket.

No spin : My Autobiography – Shane Warne

Five best Autobiographies written by cricketers which you must read

Shane Warne has been another very flamboyant cricketer and when a cricketer is so flamboyant, it is obvious he will be surrounded by controversies too. In case of Warne, there were a lot which he talks about in his autobiography making it a good read. He talks about his experiences of being on and off the pitch, his fondness of beer and junk food in his growing years, his cricketing ambitions and then the most spicy things such as the controversies with Steve Waugh, another Australian great and John Buchanan. The book also gives an insight about the challenges Warne faced to become the great he is today, and one of those was regarding his weight.

True Colours : Adam Gilchrist

Five best Autobiographies written by cricketers which you must read

One of the most destructive openers Adam Gilchrist was a gentleman as per Australian standard in the way he played his cricket all these years and hence you might think his autobiohraphy might not be that interesting to read but hang on, True Colours which as written by Gilly himself generated as much furore as any other spicy book would and the reason behind such public reaction was his brutal honesty where he wrote the entire monkeygate incident with absolute honesty (as per his perspective ). He criticized some of the Indian cricketers, including Tendulkar for the way this whole thing was handled and that drove a lot of criticism in his way from Indian fans. However, despite a controversial book, Gilchrist remains a true legend on the game.

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