Is Fantasy sports becoming next stock market in India?

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What is fantasy?

Fantasy sports is an online game, where team owners form virtual teams of real players compete against other fantasy sports owners using the statistical data,  generated by performance of real players. It’s a game based upon skills predominantly.

How to start playing fantasy?


  • Sign up with a fantasy website/application such as Dream11, Cricpick fantasy or the official fantasy games of Indian Premier League and Indian Super League if you’re from India.
  • Create your profile
  • Select your favourite sports out of Cricket, football and Kabbadi.
  • Build a team by drafting players from both teams.
  • Join a league either private or personal which can have players ranging from 2 to Lakhs.
  • Your team competes against other players and scores on the basis of how your selected players perform.
  • Team with best performance wins the league and wins awards in form of cash.

History of Fantasy


In the last decade or so, Fantasy has been very lucrative and growing rapidly in numbers. According to Forbes, the American National Football League (NFL) is the most popular fantasy sports in USA which generated a revenue of around 13 Billion USD in the year 2013 itself. While according to the same reports, USA and Canada has 41 million fantasy users. Fantasy Premier League, a game based upon the Football competition English Premiere League is the most played fantasy game in the world with about 3 million users.

Fantasy in India and it’s future


Indians and their obsession with Cricket is not a mystery. And with others games also getting good value in last couple of years , the market of fantasy has become huge in India. Indian Premier League ( Cricket) and Indian Super League (Football) already provide their official fantasy games while you can go to various fantasy websites to play other games like Kabaddi, Basketball and International cricket and Football matches. There has been a plethora of leagues in Indian sporting circuit with the likes of Pro Kabaddi League, Pro Badminton League, Pro Boxing League and Indian Hockey league apart from the couple of leagues mentioned above. India currently has 7.3 million fantasy users which is growing rapidly at a pace of 30-40% growth per year. But, with the arrival of so many different sports league, India to bound to become a sporting country and the Indians are ought to explore the fantasy market and thus, the fantasy market might grow more faster than mere 30-40% and India might soon have 50 million fantasy players. Also, with the number of Internet users touching 500 million in India, with 400 out of those 500 million people accessing internet by their phone, one can expect fantasy to grow at a rapid pace.

Indian laws on Fantasy Sports

But before thinking about the future of fantasy game in India, let us see what the rule states about such games. According to the Supreme court of India, any game which is driven predominantly by skills even though it requires a bit of luck, won’t be counted under gambling and is completely legal in India. Fantasy is a game where you use different permutations & combinations to create a perfect team and thus you need some skills at the first place. However, you’ll need some luck that your selected players should perform on a given day but skill is the predominant factor here and thus fantasy game will not find any hindrance in excelling in India.

Comparisons with Stock Market


Indian Stock Market which allows all kind of business, trade and settlements has two exchanges, SENSEX and NIFTY just like fantasy has different sports. We don’t need to go into their details, all the shares and debentures are bought and sold in the market. A person willing to buy the shares of a particular company earns profit or loss on the basis of how the shares of that particular company fare up in market. This also requires a lot of skills and some luck as one needs to go through various set of things before investing in a particular share. The set includes reputation of the company, on a whole mood of the customers which decides whether a particular share will go in profit or less.14-55-48-images

However, not everyone can afford to invest in Stock Market as the shares cost a lot, fantasy is the best way to earn money in a similar way. The amount of money required to join a contest is also very low and affordable and the winnings are massive provided you select the perfect set of players. It is easily accessible too and the earnings can give profits in same ratio as stock market. Thus, it’s fair to say that fantasy games are the next stock market in India.

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