Eoin Morgan names his next India’s cricket superstar

England world cup winning captain Eoin Morgan has resumed his English duties after ODI cricket began with a 3 match series against Ireland yesterday. England won the first match quite comfortably as well. However, before the beginning of the series, he talked to Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle and named a player who could go on to become a superstar for India in future.

Morgan talking to Bhogle in a chat on Cricbuzz named Rishabh Pant as the player he believes could be the India’s next superstar in future. Answering to Harsha’s question, Morgan said, ” I think Rishabh Pant can play. I’ve watched him in IPL for last 2-3 years and it’s not just the way he plays but it’s the growth that he has shown year after year. You can see a cricketer evolving. ”

Morgan was also impressed with Pant not losing his focus after one good IPL season. He said a lot of talents do fade away after one good IPL season but that has not been the case with Pant who has grown and maintained his success in the last few seasons.

England ODI team has been quite a revelation under his captaincy post the 2015 world cup debacle. He talked about what changed after that period which worked for the betterment of English team. He said he sat with Andrew Strauss and discussed the roadmap for the next world cup where he felt England needed to break their shackles to match the rest of the world.

” England were posting first innings score of 270 and we felt that we were behind everyone by 40-50 runs at least now (in 2015) and the gap will only increase if we don’t change the way we play. And in the very first game after the discussion, we scored around 400 ” – Eoin Morgan, England captain

England is currently playing against Ireland in their first series of World Cup Super League. They won their first match thanks to David Willey’s 5fer and a 50 from Billings. Eoin Morgan himself contributed with a 36. The next match will be played tomorrow at the same venue.

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