Earn more in Cricpick Fantasy Cricket Game

Who is eligible?

So you think you are popular and you have lot of followers and friends. If you have a Youtube Channel with thousands of subscribers, run Whatsapp Group with hundreds of members, have a Twitter account with thousands of followers, have a Facebook Page with thousands of Likes, a Telegram channel/group with hundreds of members or simply have a large number of friends then you can earn good amount of money on CricPick Fantasy Website.

How to get the offer?

Join CricPick Fantasy Website and verify your account by uploading your pan card copy. You get Rs. 25+25 = Rs. 50 straight away. Now you refer your friends to join CricPick Fantasy Website and when they upload their pan card, you receive Rs. 15.

Apart from that you will earn 10% of their winning amount lifetime. So if you friend wins a contest of Rs. 500, you will get Rs. 50 commission.

Private Contests and commission

Not only these, but when you create a Private Contest on CricPick Fantasy Website, you will get 5% of the total winning amount. So say you create a private contest of size 50 teams having entry fees Rs. 12 with total winning amount Rs. 500 and when the contests fills up (all 50 teams join), you will get Rs. 25 commission. Obviously the more the winning amount, the more members you can bring, the more the earning. Off course there’s one time referral bonus of Rs. 15 as well 🙂

Note that you won’t get 10% of friend’s winning amount from private contest winning though. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

So join CricPick Fantasy Cricket Website now and earn more sitting at home.

Join CricPick Fantasy Cricket Website