Answer search : Is the Day-Night Test cricket sustainable in the long run?

Future of Day Night Test

When New Zealand toured Australia in 2015 it was start of something very new for cricket fans which they didn’t witness earlier in test cricket, a test match to be played under floodlights with the pink ball. People had doubts regarding many things like the seam of ball, visibility of the ball but all the … Read more

Four potentially great Indian fast bowlers who got forgotten by everyone

Fast bowlers who got forgotten by everyone

From the vast land of India where everyone’s first dream happens to become a cricketer, comes all kind of stories. The success stories are often presented to the public with glorification but some not so popular ones do get lost much like the protagonist of the story.   Even though their journey starts with same … Read more

Twitter had a chuckle as Ricky Ponting gets trolled by a fan

Ponting clicking a fan with Australian sports presenter

When you would meet a legendary cricketer and a sports presenter at the same place, whom would you like to get clicked with? Most people would choose to take a selfie or get clicked with the cricketer but a fan in Australia started trending on twitter as he chose to do exactly the opposite. During … Read more

Fact Check : How much weight did Gavaskar’s claims carry?

India’s dominance in Test cricket continued as they added up one more trophy to their cabinet when they beaten Bangladesh in second Test match in Kolkata, very emphatically. It was India’s 12th successive Test series win at home. After the match, Indian skipper Virat Kohli had some nice things to say about former Indian captain … Read more

A bizarre event which caused another death on cricket field

Over the years we have seen all sorts of accidents taking place on cricket field. Some of them have been so severe that they have even caused death. Exactly 4 days later, cricket fans will be mourning the death of Philip Hughes as his accidental and unfortunate death will complete 5 years. Philip Hughes was … Read more

How to age backwards? Learn from Naseem Shah

According to Einstein’s theory of special relativity time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. The latest young fast bowling sensation from Pakistan Naseem Shah has seemingly applied this theory in his real life to make time stop or travel backwards. Let’s get to the core of … Read more

Watch :SA spinner gets two wickets from two different hands

With various T20 Leagues being played across the world, we aren’t just seeing cricket getting evolved in a better way but they also unearth some of the rare but unnoticed talents hiding in the corners of the world. Here, we are talking about a certain South African spinner who not just bowls with different hands … Read more

Records Virat Kohli can break at Eden Gardens

The upcoming pink ball test at iconic Eden Gardens is going to be a historical event. It will mark the beginning of India and Bangladesh’s journey in Day Night Test matches but do you know what other records will be at stake during the pink ball test starting from Nov 22nd? Let’s go through some … Read more