Bangladeshi All Rounder Soumya Sarkar could face 3 years in jail for possessing deerskin

Bangladeshi All Rounder Soumya Sarkar, who recently tied the Nuptial knots with his long time girlfriend has found himself in trouble as he could face a sentence of 3 years in jail if found guilty over the possession of prohibited deerskin.

Sarkar skipped the 3 match ODI series played at home to marry Priyonti Debnath Puja, whom he was dating from a long time. The wedding ceremony itself wasn’t totally pleasing as a brawl had broken off between Soumya’s side and others over the theft of 7 mobile phones from the bridegroom’s side. Police had to disrupt the pleasant wedding atmosphere and take control in their own hand to catch the thieves red handed.

Bangladeshi All Rounder Soumya Sarkar could face 3 years in jail for possessing deerskin

Even though the rest of the wedding got completed under peaceful circumstances and Soumya is a happy husband now, the troubles don’t seem to have gone anywhere. Now, the All Rounder along with his family have landed in another controversy over the possession of deerskin which according to his father, Kishori Mohan Sarker is a family tradition.

” This is a sign of our family tradition. The skin is mainly used for prayer. It’s too old It has been used for ages. I got it in the descent. I received deer skin from my father. I know he got it from his father.  have received many more things from my ancestors. Everything is with me. Soumya is my little boy. I am having a very busy time with his marriage. However, a group is making the things complicated about the deer skin. I do not know why.”  – Kishori Mohan Sarker, Father of Soumya Sarkar

According to him the deerskin was passed on from one generation to another, and he passed it on to Soumya on the auspicious occasion of his wedding. Sarkar has faced 50 T20Is, 55 ODIs and 15 Tests and if he goes to jail for violating the law, it won’t only be his loss but it also be a huge setback for Bangladesh Cricket.

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