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CricPick is a premium sports portal with millions of page views per month. It is read by hundred of thousands of users every month and followed on social network. Advertising on CricPick will not only give your brand huge number of eyeballs but also increase your sales and conversions.

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Some key statistics of Cricpick :-

Language – English

Average Pages per visit – 4.44

Average Time Spent – 2.23 min

Category – Sports, Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Casino.

We provide several ad formats mentioned below :-

Advertise with Cricpick

  • Rectangular Image ad (Banner) which will appear on all the pages.
  • Creative Format : .JPG,.GIF
  • Dimension(s) : 300×250
Advertise with CricPick

  • It is a rectangular image ad at the top of the web page. Generally content starts just below this ad.
  • Creative Format : .JPG,.GIF
  • Dimension(s) : 728×90
Advertise with CricPick

  • It is a Banner Advertising format on the internal pages of the website.
  • Creative Format : .JPG
  • Dimension(s) : 300×600
Advertise with CricPick

  • Image and text ads that are embedded within the content.
  • Creative Format : .JPG
  • Dimension(s) : On Request

Reference Artworks:

half-banner Half Page Bannermedium rectangleMedium Rectangle Banner
leaderboardLeaderboardnative Native Banner and Text