Aakash Chopra suggests MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle should be released in the auction

With the announcement of the possibility of staging a mega auction in either January or February, every team has already started strategizing about the big event. Teams who did well may not need a big overhaul but the teams who struggled in IPL 2020 might need to change a few things to do well in the next 3 seasons as that’s the period for the next mega auction.

For a team like MI who had all the bases covered, the retention isn’t a headache. But a team like CSK who had very few players performing for them this season, they’ll have a lot to ponder upon going into the auction. Former Indian cricketer and currently a commentator, Aakash Chopra has suggested them that they should not retain their current captain MS Dhoni. The reason he gave behind this was that CSK will be planning for next 3 years and it’s very unlikely that Dhoni will play cricket for 3 more years. And a retention will cost them 15 crore, an amount in which they can buy someone who can lead the side once Dhoni retires from IPL too.

Aakash Chopra suggests MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle should be released in the auction

Aakash also said that CSK will have the option to use Right to Match Card for him to get him back in the side and that way they won’t either be wasting their retention or 15 crore rupees from their purse given the bidding for Dhoni doesn’t reach that amount. Chopra also feels CSK shouldn’t be retaining any player as none of the players are worth the amount players get after being retained. This way they will have a large purse to go with in the auction.

Aakash also had a suggestion for KXIP who also struggled for a majority of IPL 2020. He said KXIP should not retain Chris Gayle who had a very fine IPL scoring 288 runs in 7 matches with 3 fifties. The reason he gave behind this was his age and the doubt over his availability for the next 3 years.

Chopra said he’d prefer KXIP to use retentions or right to match cards for KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran and Mohammed Abdul who performed really well for them this season. No doubt Gayle was brilliant but with his age, Chopra doesn’t feel he is worth being included in a team’s 3 years plan. However, KXIP will still be left with one RTM card to use on Gayle if they’d want to get him back at any point during the auction.

The auction is supposed to take place in January next year.

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