7 things that could be termed as wonders of world cricket

” Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties ” is a very widely used cliche among its fans but when those uncertainties start to become real for a long course of time, few things become hard to believe and that’s what we often refer as wonders of the cricketing world. Here we are going to look at 7 of them, just like we look at ‘ Seven wonders of the world. ‘

1. Australian ODI Team winning hattrick of World Cups

One thing is being good at something but the toughest thing is becoming invincible in something you do. The Australian team since late 90s to the middle of 2000s was a prime example of that. Winning the world cup or any ICC trophy is always the ultimate achievement in cricket and it takes a lot more than just the hard work. There are teams which are yet to win a 50 over world cup and then there is Australia who have won it 5  out of 12 times, 3 in succession.

Even though Aussies didn’t have the best of the starts in 1999 WC as they lost 2 of their first 3 group matches, they had enough resources and experience to make it to the next stage and beyond. They did get a little lucky in the semifinals thanks to the stupid miscommunication between Klusener and Donald but who doesn’t need some luck during the knockout stages? Then they beaten Pakistan and by some margin in the finals who was clearly the most in form team in that WC. The fact that 2 0ut of the 5 leading wicket takers and run scorers were from Australia speaks volumes about that team.


Australia at 2003 and 2007 World cups revolutionized the way ODI cricket used to be played those days. They won 11 out of their 11 matches in 2003 and all 12 matches in 2007 WC respectively forming a streak of 29 world cup matches without a defeat dating back from group stages of 99 WC which later went on to 34 until Pakistan broke it in 2011 WC. It’s a record teams can’t plan even when they are having best of their dreams. From statistical point of view, 4 out of the 6 leading wicket takers and 2 out of the 3 top run scorers in 2007 WC were from Aus while top 10 run scorers of 2003 WC saw 5 Aussies in that list, yes 5! Their invincibility took things like pitches, condition and pressure out of equation.

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