5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer

Being good at one sport require extreme hardwork, skills and determination along with luck while there has been few who have excelled in more than just one sport. AB De villiers first comes to mind when you talk about players being good at some other sports other than cricket too. In this article though, we take a look at footballers who were not just good at football but also in cricket.

Steve Ogrizovic

5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer


Steve Ogrizovic hailed from England and he is a former professional football player who played club football for various teams including even Liverpool. In his 23 years long career, he also served as the Goalkeeper of clubs like Chesterfield and Shrewsbury Town.

Unfortunately, despite being considered as the best Goalkeeper in the country during late 1980s and early 1990s, he could never play for England in the first 11. Ogrizovic was also a cricketer, reaching minor counties level as a medium-fast bowler. He played three first class matches for Shropshire in the NatWest Trophy, and a further game for Minor Counties in the Benson & Hedges Cup. Among his wickets at this level were Chris Broad, Martyn Moxon and Alvin Kallicharran.

Gary Neville

5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer

Gary Neville is a popular name among the Football enthusiasts as he is a former England national captain who served his national team for 12 years from 1995 to 2007. He also featured in 400 Club games for Manchester United and was easily one of the best defenders in that team. Neville also coached England’s national side from 2012 to 2016.

Neville was a former League cricketer in England and his love for cricket can be seen in a photograph where he was spotted batting with Matthew Hayden. He is also a very fine commentator and has had successful stints with Sky Sports as a Football commentator.

Phil Neville

5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer

Phil Neville is the brother of Gary Neville who has been earlier mentioned in this list. He currently coaches English women’s football team and has played over 500 club games for Manchester United and Everton, mostly for his first club Manchester United which his brother also represented throughout his playing career.

Neville also had a fair share of interest in cricket as he was the second youngest player to play for Lanchashire’s second XI. He aged only 15 at that time. Neville was a precious cricketing talent who broke many batting records set by Michael Atherton. In fact, his ability as a cricketer was so highly rated that he also captained England at the Under-15 level.

Geoff Hurst

5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer

Geoff Hurst remains a very special Footballer in England and International history as he is the first and so far only male footballer to register a World Cup final hattrick in 1966. Playing for England against West Germany, he scored a hattrick in the final due to which England won the FIFA World Cup that year.

He wasn’t just a good Footballer but he was also very good in cricket. As a result, he played a First class match for Essex against Lanchashire in 1921.

Joe Hart

5 famous footballers who were also a good cricketer

Joe Hart is the only active footballer in the list who is good in football as well as cricket. Hart has played as a Goalkeeper for England in 75 games while he has played for Manchester City for majority of his career in club football. He is currently playing in Premier League for Burnley.

Hart is an efficient cricketer as well as in his early days, he used to be a left arm bowler. He has played Junior cricket for Shrewsbury cricket club.

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