20 most hilarious lines said by the commentators – A Compilation

Imagine watching a cricket match on TV on mute mode. Well, some of the commentators do make fans turn the volume down or simply mute the set with their talks but it still looks weird watching a match without any sound. That’s where the role of the commentators becomes important.

Sometimes some of them will speak absolutely rubbish while on other occasions, the others will end up saying something too hilarious to forget. In this article, we compile 20 most hilarious comments made by commentators during or before/after the game.

I reckon Neil Wagner’s short-sighted. He only sees about four yards in front of him

Commentator David Lloyd on Wagner’s tactics of bowling only short balls in the Auckland Test against England in March 2018. 

Abhi abhi Nehra kuch samjha kar gaye hain Pandya ko, shayad apna anubhav bata kar gaye hain. Iska fayda bhi ho sakta hai aur nuksaan bhi (Nehra has just shared his experience with Hardik Pandya, it can work both ways, can either benefit him or harm him).

Virender Sehwag took a dig over his Delhi and Team India pal Ashish Nehra in the famous WT20 2016 match against Bangladesh.

Jayasurya ki wife ko chinta nahi karni chahiye ab sab thik hai ( Jayasuriya’s wife should not worry, everything is fine now).

Kapil Dev said this in a match played between India and Sri Lanka in the late 90s. Jayasuriya was hit on his box and he recovered from the intense pain somehow.

Ye toh bohot hi buri halat hai agar ummidein Afridi pe tiki hain (It’s really a bad situation if all the hopes are resting on Afridi).

Rahul Dravid, often known as a calm and sober person came up with this hilarious and witty reply while his stint in the Hindi commentary box during India Pakistan clash in World Cup 2015. It was said to a comment made by Shoaib Akhtar when he had talked about how difficult it was to win the game for Pakistan. Only Afridi could do something.

Shoaib, apka bas chale toh aap Wahab se shaadi kar lein (Shoaib, if it is upto you, you might want to marry Wahab Riaz as well).

Kapil Dev again, trolled Shoaib Akhtar like a boss. Akhtar was impressed with Wahab Riaz’s performance in World Cup 2015. He was describing him with the lines such as ” Bohot hi mazboot tangey, mazboot kandhey, lambey haath. Kul mila ke bohot hi khoobsurat khiladi (He has strong legs, strong shoulders and long hands. All in all, he is a complete player). 

Chris Gayle, Kohli, AB… It’s a mouth watering lineup isn’t it…….. (After a pause) Speaking solely about their cricketing abilities of course !

Isha Guha had to tell what she actually meant during an IPL game in IPL 2015. The microphones were switched off after this explanation.

Why is Rohit Sharma always in a self-destructive mode? Doesn’t he remember, he is going to be married in a few days. 

It was the second day of 4th Test between India and South Africa in December 2015. Pujara was fielding at short leg and got hit causing which Rohit came to field at that position. Sunil Gavaskar intended a good pun with this comment. Earlier, Sharma had got out on a duck in the first inning playing a self destructive shot.

The attendance today is 7653. We have that attendance in Durga Pooja. 

On Jan 30, 2015 when India and England were playing a match in Perth, Sourav Ganguly came up with this line to make fun of the people who didn’t turn up for the match that day.

Sher ki poonch par pair rakhoge to wo pappi ni dega ( If you put foot on lion’s tail, then definitely he is not going to kiss you). 

Navjot Singh Siddhu was famous for his one liners. Among many others, we find this one really funny.

because he is a spinner, he is good at playing with his fingers.

It happened during a game in IPL 2015. The cheerleaders were having some fun by playing some game where clapping and holding hands (fingers) was involved. Sunil Gavaskar asks Murali Karthik about what game were they playing. Danny Morrison, the third commentator interrupts the talk by asking the reason why the question was directed to Murali Karthik to which Gavaskar had this reply. Morrison understanding the dirty meaning, turned off his microphone.

Pakistan need a few blows to make this night interesting.

Surely Ramiz Raja meant some big hits ( fours & sixes ) but it sounded something different !

yaha se score chase karna mushkil hai but difficult nahi hai (To chase the score from this stage is tough but not difficult). 

Kapil Dev is often trolled for saying this.

Hafeez is pushing smoothly. His partner Jamshed is satisfied today.

Sorry What? Ramiz Raja at it again, no way!

Any bowler has 3 pace variations – fast,medium and slow. But Rajat Bhatia has – slow, slower and slowest!

This was said by Harsha Bhogle during an IPL game as Rajat Bhatia was just bowling at a gentle pace.

England are redefining the meaning of single.

To understand the context, you’ll need to know what happened on the ball before. During the Champions Trophy final in 2013, Tim Bresnan ran himself out trying for an impossible single and Harsha Bhogle said ” Oh dear, there was not even a quarter of a single. ” On the very next ball, Broad took a tight single and the usual witty Bhogle took a sarcastic dig at it.

If Ajit Agarkar is an all-rounder then I am Aishwarya Rai

Navjot Singh Siddhu took a dig over Ajit Agarkar’s All-Round abilities.

When Malinga came to International cricket, he had only one ball. Now he has so many balls.

It was confusing from Russell Arnold who tried something different which sounded more like a puzzle than anything.

He ( Virat) would have read the delivery yesterday before leaving his hotel.

Virat Kohli was in tremendous form in Australia vs India T20 series in 2016. He hit a six over long off on a slightly shorter ball. Harsha Bhogle made a witty comment praising the art of the finest artist.

The last time Rudi Koerzten smiled, there was peace in west Asia.

Umpire Rudi Koertzten was spotted with a rare smile on camera. Harsha Bhogle again, came up with a funny line demonstrating the rarity of the instance.

Actually no. Because I don’t remember Andy Flower or Andrew Strauss ever playing in IPL!

This wasn’t made during the match but renowned English cricketer Kevin Pietersen came up with a good one when the show host Mayanti Langer asked him if he has turned any of his old enemies into friend while playing IPL. KP gave a very savage reply, Mic drop!

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