10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

In India, there are 3 basic modes of entertainment and discussion – Cricket, Cinema and politics. Go to any corner of the country and you’ll find people discussing at least one of these subjects.

Now consider a hypothetical situation when you’ve been asked to draw parallels between cricketers and Bollywood actors or the characters played by them.  Based on some important but unconventional ( mentioned ) factors, we tried to find the Hindi movie characters equivalents of these cricketers in this fun article so that if/when you’re put into that certain situation, you can be ready with your analogy.

Sanjay Manjrekar – Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK)

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

Sanjay Manjrekar has to be one of the most irritating persons in your list even if you’re not a serious cricket observer and so has to be Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK irrespective of how much movie content do you follow. The reason behind drawing parallels between them is not only because people find them annoying.

Both of them have failed to achieve even a decent amount of success in their respective careers but they validate others as if they are the ultimate achievers in their own field. KRK is a movie critic who gives his reviews about movies while Manjrekar is a critic of almost everything in cricket, including the bits & pieces cricketers. Both of them are the least liked figures among their fraternity.

AB De villiers – Chitti (The Robot)

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

The South African legend AB De villiers is almost inhuman in certain aspects of the game. He does bat like a robot calculating the precision of the shots he plays. Chitti was the character played by Rajnikanth in the movie named Enthiran in the native language which means The Robot. The main character of the film Dr. Vasi builds an unique robot programmed to save the Mankind. He is perfect in whatever work he is assigned as you would expect from a robot.

AB De villiers isn’t less than a robot either. He bats, keeps wickets, fields as an outfielders and doesn’t shy away from bowling either. Except for his bowling, he is absolutely perfect in the other roles of his game and has all the characteristics Chitti possesses in the movie.

MS Dhoni – Rajnikanth

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

CSK skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni enjoys an undisputed stardom across the country, particularly in southern India because of his involvement with the IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings. People there worship him like a demigod which is also the case with the actor Rajnikanth who is the biggest cult figure of that very same region.

Yuzvendra Chahal – Alia Bhatt

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

The parallels of Indian leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal can be drawn with Bollywood Diva Alia Bhatt. Wait, we are not drawing comparisons between their looks but between their innocence outside their professional life which sometimes even get turned into Dumbness. Alia, for a large part of her initial few years was labeled as ” Dumb ” because she had failed to tell the name of Indian president in a talk show and it was only her phenomenal acting in the movies and her coming of age in the real world enhanced her reputation.

Chahal though, being a chess player at junior level uses his sharp brain quite effectively while bowling but on social media, he does some naive things in the attempt of being funny. Alia has been a content for memes and trolls for a long time, Chahal too keeps giving fresh content to meme makers every now and then.

Rohit Sharma – Sanjay Singhania ( Ghajini )

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

In one of the interviews with famous TV host Gaurav Kapur, Virat Kohli had described his teammate Rohit Sharma as the most forgetful player in his team. According to him, except for his cricket kit, Rohit forgets his things on a very regular basis, which also includes how to play swing bowling ( of course Kohli didn’t say this) and so does Sanjay Singhania in the movie ” Ghajini “. The character was played by Aamir Khan and the movie was released in 2008.

In the second half of the story, Sanjay gets hit by a rod on his head due to which he suffers from Amnesia, a mental disorder in which people have a very short term memory. Not that Rohit has any of those disorders but he comes very close to this character in terms of forgetting things. There is one more similarity between both – both of them have been very destructive in the second half of their lives/careers after one striking incident.

Chris Gayle – Geet Dhillon ( Jab We Met )

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

Might sound as weird as it gets but the loud-mouth ( in a comical way ) Chris Gayle comes very close with matching Geet Dhillon, a popular character played by Kareena Kapoor in the movie named Jab We Met. Both of them are fierce, expressive, extroverts, funny and most importantly, khud ke favourites (their own favourites). Chris Gayle’s life has been very eventful and it does look like a movie with Geet being the main character. He describes himself as the ” Universe Boss ” which is an endearing way of showing self love. Like Geet, people also enjoy Gayle’s self-appreciation, rather both as a whole package are loved by all.

Hardik Pandya – Murad Ahmed (Gully Boy)

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya has risen to stardom of being an Indian cricketer from the streets of Vadodara facing a lot of financial problems in his early days. He dropped out of his school when he was in 9th because he had a passion in cricket. He was and he still is expressive, bold, carefree and a total badass.

Didn’t we see something similar in Murad Ahmed of Gully Boy which was released last year? A Character played by Ranveer Singh which portrays the struggle story of an ambitious rapper who goes through the hardships of his early days. He is someone who is very unpopular and gets supported by only a handful of people before achieving something big but he never changes his attitude for anyone. Also, he is a bit frivolous when it comes to falling for girls, one can not deny if the same thing is said with regards to Hardik Pandya ! He has a friend like MC Sher in form of KL Rahul and invites trouble going to a talk show named Koffee with Karan much like how Murad does when he has his moment of madness with Sky Mehta (a character played by Kalki in the movie).

Manish Pandey – Kartik Aaryan

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

Both of them are good looking and attractive among females but this is not the only common factor between them. Manish Pandey was thought to be a promising talent when he came up the scene in IPL 2009 by becoming the youngest Indian to score an IPL 100 . 11 years later, unfortunately for him he is still seen in the same way. Kartik Aaryan started his career just a couple of years after that incident with a romantic comedy named ” Pyar ka Punchnama. ” Even though a lot of his movies have done well commercially, he has barely came out of his comfort zone to prove his mettle as a versatile actor in these 9 years.

Kartik is known only for doing movies of a specific genre which is Romantic Comedy (Rom Com). In a similar way, Manish is known to perform well only at Domestic level.

Jasprit Bumrah- Rancho ( 3 Idiots )

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly

When you talk about movie characters, it’s impossible not to mention Aamir Khan’s iconic character Ranchod Das Chanchad from the movie ” 3 Idiots “. If there is a cricketer who can come close to living that character, it has to be Indian Speedster Jasprit Bumrah purely because of the unconventional yet successful factor.

Bumrah has a different bowling action, something which is completely unique and not sure how many people can succeed bowling the same way. Rancho had an unique way of seeing the life & dealing with problems related to it. He never followed the orthodox way, instead he found his own but completely practical way and people loved him on the silver screen. He is reliable & he saves his friends from uncomfortable and once even a life threatening situation. Bumrah too is among one of the most loved Indians at the moment because of par excellent results. When you’ve got Bumrah in your team, ” All is Well. ”

Virat Kohli – Shah Rukh Khan

10 Bollywood Actors/Characters which could fit these cricketers perfectly


Indian captain Virat Kohli’s life progression has been so unique that finding a match for him in this article was incredibly difficult. If there is one character which perfectly suits him, it has to be Harry Potter. He’s magical and he constantly keeps improving. But since we are sticking to Bollywood only,  Shah Rukh Khan is one person who comes closest to match the charisma of Kohli. Both started their careers without any inside support, both of them have ruled the hearts of billions of people by giving hit performances in their respective fields.

Kohli has proved his versatility as cricketer by performing in all conditions and in every format. In a very similar way, Shah Rukh has nailed every roles he has played irrespective of the script. Be it a young chocolate boy in DDLJ or a coach in Chak De India or an Asperger’s syndrome patient in My Name is Khan. Needless to tell Kohli’s achievements as a cricketer if a cricket fanatic is reading this article.

Both of them are global faces of cricket & acting and highly admired outside their own country ( their fan following in India is immense as well ). Shah Rukh in his younger days was extremely charming and used to rule the hearts of girls, so does Kohli who enjoys a massive female fan following because of his great looks along with his game. We just hope Kohli’s career doesn’t find any similarity with how Shah Rukh’s acting career has been off late! Oops, apologies to any SRK fan reading this!

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